Book a Workshop

We realize not everyone wants or can afford to travel to Washington (Pacific Northwest) to attend a class.

Why not book a workshop or class where you live?

We are happy to make arrangements in advance, and are willing to work with a group of 6 or more people, to teach any of the following classes:

1 Day Hands On Slipcover Class – Slipcover Like a Pro

2 Day Hands on Slipcover Class – Slipcover Like a Pro – (Work on your furniture)

Full Day Lecture/Demo Classes mix and match

Slipcovers for Dining Chair Seat and Backs

Slipcovers for Dining, Parson or Side Chairs

Slipcovers for Outdoor Furniture

Slipcovers for Ottomans

Slipcovers for wing, barrel or attached backed chairs

Slipcovers for Cushions


To inquire about rates for a workshop email

Call 425-3214229  or Toll Free 800-267-4958