After relocating to my new sewing workspace, I found myself in need of more lighting while working. That’s when I decided to purchase the Mighty Bright light from Home Sewing Depot. Not only was the ordering process easy, but my new light arrived in just a few days. I’ve found […]

Improved My Sewing Space with Mighty Bright

My sewing studio finally made the move to my new place, and guess what? I found a treasure trove of fabric that I used to make a slipcover for my old rocking chair! With new found inspiration, I decided to turn my attention to my Wing Channel Chair and give […]

Slipcover Wing Channel Chair

Back when I had a full-sized home decor sewing workroom, I had a table that was massive – 12 feet long and 8 feet wide! This was incredibly useful for laying out fabric flat to cut, match, and hem large drapery fabric for my clients. However, as I moved towards […]

Optimizing My Workroom Table Setup

This is one of my most favorites the square folding ruler, for not only measuring but making sure the fabric is square before cutting. Be sure to check this out and other wonderful sewing tools too. Shop for sewing supplies at Home Sewing Depot

My Favorite Tool

Love to get my folding rulers and measuring templates from Home Sewing Depot. Click here to get yours now!

Folding Rulers & Templates

A listing directory of Slipcover Professionals in the USA & Canada. Click the link to go to the directory page.

USA Slipcover Professionals

Learn how to make slipcovers to fit all different styles of furniture with The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers, Pillows, and Bedding. From making simple seat cushions for wooden chairs to complicated covers for sleeper sofas, this comprehensive, how-to reference covers all the options and teaches all the essential skills. […]

The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers, Pillows, and Bedding