2015 Slipcover Retreat in Everett, Washington

by SlipAm on September 10, 2015

continuous_biasSLIPCOVER RETREAT
October 29 – November 1, 2015

This retreat is totally devoted to the art and profession of making slipcovers for furniture. Join us for a few days in October to expand your horizons, to network and grow.

2015 Slipcover Retreat
Number of participants is limited. This gives each participant the opportunity to experience hands on (if the class is hands-on) and to be up close. Participant will work on a slipcover and also take home samples. (Only 6 in a class).

The 2015 Slipcover Retreat is in Everett, Washington at Grow Washington.

Slipcover Retreat will be held in the Washington Sewing Classes in the Grow Washington building.

click here to find out more about the Slipcover Retreat and how to get registered.


Slipcovers for the Holidays

by SlipAm on November 25, 2011

Make seasonal change for the Holidays

A simple slipcover just on the top section of your dining room chairs should do it. These chairs were very bulky looking but with a simple boxed slipcover with a D in the middle made the difference. Thanks to Anna’s Custom Designs

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